India Film Project

I attended the India Film Project 2018, it’s an annual content creation festival held in Mumbai, India. It’s Asia’s 2nd biggest festival for content creation. Panel had speakers like- Vicky Kaushal, Ashish Chanchlani, Bhuvan Bam etc. I will start with my favourite, “Vicky Kaushal.” I believe he came alone to the auditorium but left with […]

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Why you shouldn’t worry!

What is your age 18, 22 or 26, 30 or even 35+ and you are still struggling. Want to buy your own house…… Your own car but you find it difficult because couldn’t save much. You also know saving is one of the key to success but, you don’t have good income to save good. […]

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Success or Tough Success.

Lot of people keep saying that no matter how one gets success, it needs to be there in one’s life. One of the best saying I have heard is by Bill Gates, What does this above line means – Money is Success? That is the problem of youth with less experience, with less life lessons […]

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