Before a father, he’s a human!


My personal feeling is expressed in this article with regards to things I felt was wrong on my dad’s end.
But by time it changed.

The title is enough to give a hint on the article but let’s stretch the context of it.

I am 25 years old working professional, holding a management degree with a work experience of 3 years(Where it discovers) and that’s it.

My dad started his journey as an 22 year old married, comprising responsibilities of his family (including my mother) and left with only 20 INR in hand, entering one of the fastest cities on earth “Mumbai”.
He left with an ambition to live his childhood dream. Which he strongly believed that he cannot achieve it in remote villages of Vanaras.

Professionally he ended up building good income, name and fame & settled quite well, which was not so easy.
Later, it was really tough to see losing it on the same pace.

Where I felt he had it all but he was careless. I even doubted on his ability and skills on the money game.

Just to mention:
He has 3 kids and he proudly made it sure that each one of them is educated enough to be on their own.

He had a dream to serve people and politics was one of the ways to do so.
In 2009, he won the local election and had a term of 5 years to serve as a corporater.
In order to do it, he stopped focusing on his own business and didn’t mind closing couple of his small scale businesses. He did some wonders in his allotted area, which didn’t happened in years but still he lost and it was terrifying to see that because he didn’t had the money for campaigning which was not in his agenda.

It took me 3 years from 2014-2017 to understand that his dreams was shattered and his family was good enough to be on their own so he didn’t mind being lazy and unpredictable on his further ambitions.

As a human he needs time and age being one of the factor to start all over again is tough….

So this is my story!!!!!

Why I spoke about this topic is because I want to cover on the human part because “as a father” he is very strict and straight forward, which will never change and we three have to move on with it.

So I would convey a message for the Millennial, yes I do understand with such a drastic switch in technology which is creating such a huge generation gap but we have to be brave enough to buy some facts from our parents end as well.

I hope this article helps and it’s a good read.


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