9 Tips for Increasing Sales.

People think in order to be in sales, a person should be ‘Persuasive’ and that’s all a salesperson should be. I have heard many people saying, ‘You are incredible at persuading people, you are made for sales, you will rock it.”

Persuasion is one the of quality salesperson should possess, but not the only one !!

To be a successful salesperson, one needs be calm and composed, cool, confident, empathetic, good listener, confident and most importantly knowledgeable about what he is selling.

Having the right attitude also plays a significant role, so without further ado, here are few tips which will be helpful to be a good salesperson who keeps prospects and customers happy.

1. Confident on your product.

No matter whether you are doing a sale on a call or by a 1 v 1, prospects would be interested in listening to you when you sound confident on your product – so that’s one of the best key to crack a sale.

2. Sources & Tools.

One needs to have the right sources and tools with regards to the service or the product he is selling, for eg: A consultancy needs a right channel of data provider to speak to and with regards to a product one needs to have a proper presentation of “How to When?”.

3. Studying Competitors closely.

As a sales person or a sale driven company you need to keep a close watch on your competitors as if someone starts telling something good about your competitors which you know already and you don’t have that benefits, you can retaliate back as shuffling one of your strengths which that particular competitor does not have.

4. Focus on numbers.

With this tip, the first impression comes as getting more sales, it’s never like that. A sales guy or a company always needs to work on their ratio of speaking to more number of clients and increasing it day by day-This is one of the rules rather than a tip in modern sales.

5. Being Presentable.

Always people might heard that a guy who don’t even know the product, who is so new to get sales on board or might be his beginner luck is favoring him. If we closely understand why still with this no surviving skills he is delivering, it is just because he is following a disciplinary code of being presentable.

6. Follow-up.

If an individual has a 5-10 years of working experience in sales he would simply say a simple mantra of decoding sales is follow-ups. No matter if you are doing bad in sales if you have highest number of follow ups, be ready to pay highest tax as your income might increase because of your incentive.

7. Knowing where to play your cards.

As above I have explained some 4-5 best tips of cracking sales or doing good in the department of sales in your company, but sales need to be done by an individual so always remember one line, when sales are not coming on a particular client or clients consider that still as your trump card which you haven’t used yet, because you can keep coming up with lots of new ways of cracking sales.

8. Master your pitch.

One of the best tip-cum-rule in the sale business is ‘Master your Pitch’. As football coaches always emphasise that without learning basics, you cannot learn skills and football tricks. So the same way, talking about sales, Pitch is the base for cracking a sale and if that’s fumbled or less productive, nothing would work right for you in the business, not even being presentable would help you.

9. Today a sale would be made.

Being from a sales background, taken calls, cold calls, trespasser and flying abroad to meet clients to close them for sales- With all this professional experience, I believe that, “Every call a sale is been made”, so in that, either you have sold yourself, so client has bought your product/service OR client has rejected you, by selling you his reasons.

Note: Provided if it’s not a follow-up as mentioned in Tip (6) above.

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