10 Things to tell Yourself Everyday.

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When you change the way you think; You have changed the way you feel.

When you changed the way you feel; You can live happier, work better, every day. 

Tell yourself these 10 positive and powerful affirmations that can dramatically change your day and eventually life too.

  1.  I rise early to shine and make the day count.

When you hear morning alarm and you think of hitting the snooze button to get some more sleep for 30 minutes or so, tell yourself something like this- “6:30am of 10th July, 2018 won’t come back again and I am going to be the next big sensation, so I will rise and work for it.”

  1. I will be disciplined and determined.

After getting up, its time to stretch your body and lose some carbs. When you feel lazy to do so, replace your laziness with determination.

  1. I will eat right to be fresh throughout the day.

Now you had proper start for the day and positive vibes after workout. A wrong diet might ruin your control on the remaining day. So remind yourself to eat right breakfast, healthy meals throughout the day to keep yourself light, fit, active, ready for anything that comes in front of you.

  1. I will use my office commutation time productively.

For me, daily commutation in Mumbai becomes a task. So I try and use that time for reading something that interests me and getting updates about current events. This helps me to replace my stress of commuting to a positive sense of learning something new. Just like that, you too can identify gaps in your schedules and use that time productively.

  1. I love myself.

Till the time I am about to start work, I already love myself. This creates magic in the way I feel about myself and others. When I discuss some important topic/business with the client, he is more excited to talk to me, because I have already accepted that I am lovable so while I talk to him I am smiling, confident, knowledgeable, and the charisma automatically shows that I am ready for the business they are offering.

Tip: Workout will also help you in building your personality.

  1. I am a pure soul so I will be nice to everybody I meet today.

This is a powerful line, by saying this you will create positive vibes about yourself and for others. When you meet people, appreciate them if they are looking good, if they are working hard and doing their best. Stop and ask how they are doing. Be kind, compliment them, it takes only 2-5mins, think of the benefits – you made someone’s day better by passing on positive vibes and you will network too.

  1. I will spend time with my family.

We all are engrossed in becoming something, achieving our goals, which of course is the right thing to do, but in this process sometimes we may forget about spending enough time with our family. What is the point of Networking with strangers if there’s a disconnect at our homes. We need to remind yourselves that they are the core support, they need us as much as we need them.

  1. I will learn something new today.

It is very important to do something new on a daily basis. No matter you read a new page of a book or try something new. Taking out 30 minutes from your daily routine would help you to add value to your life. If you don’t upgrade yourself little by little, get different ideas, at the speed where today world is advancing, you will eventually become outdated.

  1. I will be better than yesterday.

Some of the greatest entrepreneurs, speakers and leaders have said, “Don’t worry about the past, and just be focused on present and work for your future.” By saying this, they mean we need to analyse what went wrong/right because of which my present looks like this. So for that, I recommend maintaining a book to note down some definitive Do’s and Don’ts.

  1. I am grateful.

Always end your day with being Thankful to God for giving you this day to live happily with people who love and support you.

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