7 Relations Between Sports & Business.

I am a footballer at heart. (I am the third standing guy from the right) No matter how many injuries I got because of football, the lessons I have learnt while playing it are priceless.

Those lessons have helped me in my post football career. Now that I am working professionally, I realise certain qualities I have developed overtime, which I learned while playing, enjoying football. It literally taught me life lessons while just playing the game.

If I sit and write the number of things football has taught me, the list would be as long as length of a toilet paper roll, but would you read it ?! naah !!

So herein, I have enlisted 7 things which are common between sports and business, which will help a sportsman to specifically implement for doing business successfully.

1)Importance of Basics.

One of the best relation in sports and business is you need get your basics clear, if you are a soccer player you need to know how to pass and stop the ball in order to start doing skills, same way if you are retail shopkeeper you need to do your homework on the area and demographics of the people residing nearby before you open a shop.

2)Hard-work and smart-work.

Yeah, lot of debates might go on like there are three categories of people. And lesser percentage would be favoring on individuals who choose one theory that’s every hard work or smart work, but the majority will prefer doing both and I go with the majority for the first time, because in different situations we need different ways, example, there is a time element in some work to be done, if we don’t work smart and act quick, the opportunity could be lost.

3)Self discipline.

Sports and business when you are new you don’t follow certain rules and regulation of it as you are not that serious towards it but when slowly and steadily you start understanding that without it the success is no where, you get habituated to the required discipline.

4)Team work.

When you are in a business or a sport you need to coordinate with a small or large group of people. In order to reach to the peak of your dream you need to accept pros and cons of your team mate and use the strength with in the group and leverage it all towards the aim.

Below our pictures of my team where I learned the significance of team work.

Red jersey: I am the first person standing in the lower line from the left.

Orange jersey: I am the Second guy standing from the right wearing specs.


As the above mention quality I was explaining about the pros and cons, a leader or a captain/manager is the one who looks towards it, analyze how it might bring some changes for the team.

Later leader also is responsible to motivate the team and take them towards there goal. Some leaders in business and sports are also someones who have proven himself/herself on the same level where his teams are.

6)Healthy competition.

In sports and business it’s easy to find competition. Also, without competition there wouldn’t remain lot of opportunity for the new individual, as some who are old might create monopoly and control the team. It teach us losing and winning is a part of it and sometimes if we lose, we take it in a sporting way and get a stage to prove it next time.

Look how healthy our competition was !!

During the game, we united within our red team,

After the match, we united with our rival team too !!!

Isn’t this such a lovely colorful picture,lol.

(I am the third guy in the lower line from the right.)

7)The Taste of Success.

After the above mentioned relation the best relation and common thing in sports and business is the success taste. When you are the one who has started it when you were zero and you have achieved certain honour with your persistence, it tastes very good.

(In the pic: I am jersey no.8)

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