Indian Millennial Train Traveler- Part 1

When a young millennial’s alarm goes off in the morning, he is terrified with thought of office and doing the same stuff he did yesterday.

So what keeps him motivated to get him of the bed?

Yeah the things which keep him excited will be explained in parts below.

The number one is a common excitement in Mumbai, who are regular train traveler.
To whom, after reading will bring a smile on his/her face and some might end up relating it himself.

So It is to meet his everyday train traveler buddies , who are non the less but on the same shoes of life like this millennial guy is thinking , his life is heading towards or could be.
They meet at 8:45 local from Ambernath – CST, which takes 1:50 minute approximately to reach to the destination. The craziest part is these guys are so gentlemen that they don’t even mind coming early to catch the train and keeping the seat vacant for the latecomers…lol.
As they love standing on footpath and making sure that fame of the name is still on “Incredible India”

“Hahahaha” is what comes out hearing their humor. when they crack joke that would make you laugh and feels like “life is so fresh” and excited. Also, the group consisted of different age group and the millennial by a chance was the youngest. The humor with the millennial was not bad though.

It was sad to see their happiness deeming when station after station, the guys from the group, where getting down to their respective station for the days hustle.
At the last station remains three, Ahh “still the last 3 till the last station was fresh on their humor” – commendable.

Looking them at the final destination saying each other bye on the CST platform felt like, they are Indian soldiers who are leaving border and are not sure of their returning dates.

Then comes the moment , “The Indian Millennial Train Traveler” expression was priceless to look at.
He was so into the moment with his Train Travelling friends that he didn’t even realized that he was standing for 2 hours and now it was the tough time for him to take the next step ahead towards the office….

Still an element motivated him to take the next step ahead. “What was that?”
Please wait for the next article, I am sure the next part would again bring a smile on your face.


What keeps you motivated?

Please Comment Below.

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