India Film Project

I attended the India Film Project 2018, it’s an annual content creation festival held in Mumbai, India. It’s Asia’s 2nd biggest festival for content creation. Panel had speakers like- Vicky Kaushal, Ashish Chanchlani, Bhuvan Bam etc.

I will start with my favourite, “Vicky Kaushal.”

I believe he came alone to the auditorium but left with 200 new fans. 


Vicky Kaushal, rising bollywood star who has done 5 projects in 2018 and all the 5 are hit that is- Sanju, Lust Stories, Manmarziyaan, Love per square foot and Raazi.

He was so humble while sharing his journey with the audience.

Best advice he gave is that, “Life is all about the right moment, if you are still struggling- let the struggle go on, don’t stop!”

40B9AE5F-5CB4-4A6D-800E-94DDE7B27A58Words to remember – ‘Don’t get impressed, Get Inspired!

He strongly believes that when you get impressed- you set a boundary line for yourself, “ki, waahh kya kiya hai! kya baat hai!”

But when you are inspired- you go there and you do it. Once you install that in your head, you’ll have the courage to think that you can do it.

Up next was- Bhuvan Bam

I want to say just ‘Wow’ for him. 

76CC7EE8-847E-4C17-AE01-F1345E2634DDHe’s such a genuine person that whatever he spoke, everything he was straight from his heart, that’s the quality he possesses that has made him very fairly the first Indian youtuber with 10million subscribers.

6E8D6D4B-8C90-48E5-AA66-96EF419A6F00The way he explained about the content writing and how to avoid criticism was very useful for the aspiring YouTubers and content creators.

Then came our hero- Ashish Chanchlani

He is a sweetheart and the best part was to see him answering the Q&A. The way he used his humour to tackle every question is commendable. Also, it was great to hear people thanking him for his content that helped them to survive hard times in life. 

41311248-B399-4570-B2E2-EAE9C48C1A73.jpegEverything about Ashish was great. 

Attending IFP was inspiring. It is the best platform for all the aspiring filmmakers, content creators and students.

Exchange of new ideas, new prescriptives and views was all worth it.

The event was well managed and coordinated.

It was a pleasure to attend IFP. 

I left feeling refreshed, motivated and ready for new challenges.

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