Narendra Modi – Do we have an option?

Being involved into politics indirectly, as one of my family member is in opposition party, I hear modi very closely.

As trading industry is also influenced by Modi and his decisions I have watched him and tried analyzing his dynamics.

There are lot of pros to talk about him but let’s discuss the cons and try understanding why a man is so right on things, still is he going wrong somewhere..!!

1)Petroleum price hike.

Being into trading business, I would like to clear it’s not Modi who has hiked the price of petroleum in India, it’s the gulf and USA withdrawing the sanction from Iran on crude oil have increase the demand of oil barrels, as supply has declined there and number of inventories have increased. As India being 80% exporter of oil, we rarely have gulf region in India and have no option to manufacture only 20% and couldn’t increase it, still Modi manages to keep it economical and unchanged for couple of months.


Let me tell you about other countries example like Malaysia, as per my understanding and some sources and also I oftenly visit that country – Malaysian Prime Minister election has just completed and Mr. Mahatir is there newly appointed Minister and Malaysia is in debts which they have to pay to other countries, you won’t believe, everyone, each and every individual is coming out to donate some amount to the government, so that the debts are clear and the economy grows.

(So India being so high on population, yes some changes in the implementation is required on GST but I don’t think that it’s wrong, isn’t it?)

3)Travel Dairies.

Being honest, I sometimes feel that modi doesn’t requires to travel so unanimously. I would like to ask readers to go ahead and try finding in google because of doing business with other countries, Modi managed to come in the Top 5 influencer in the world.

(A little room for self image being the head of India, he deserves it)- Absolutely !

So the above points are they cons?

If you ask my personal suggestion, he is so sharp that if we give him more 10 years he might make sure that there is also no religion riots, every religion who is afraid or unhappy also favors modi and feel blessed by looking upto him serving as Prime Minister of India.

So let’s change the subject line!

“ Narendra Modi- Irreplaceable ! “

Jai Hind !!

Wait !! Wait !!

I recommend you to refer this article about How the government’s marquee infrastructure projects are doing.

Click here for the article.

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