Confusion of a Young Unsuccessful Man !

Life – He feels its too hard on him.

Sources- He feels its to less for him.

Facts-He feels aren’t valuable for him.

Success- He feels its not for him.

Later when he gets shattered and broke, then he realizes it was all a learning for him and was just a beginning.

“The Real Journey Begins Now.”

A Young Boy who turns a Young Man goes with this above process.

If you have gone through this, then there is absolutely nothing wrong.

There are some important life lessons a young male/female may face in his 22-35 years of age which are not for all, but if you face it, You Are Special.

1)Success as good as failure.

I guess lot of you while reading the above bullet point might have raised eyebrows that yes it has happened to me, but later it was as good as – not a success but a good lesson, as a lifetime experience.

2)Less options/sources.

Mostly a young male/female in process of choosing his/her path looks for the options under their radar.

They need to get out of those numbers and explore and when they do that they realize, it was their mistake for not researching on the options available out of their radar.


Being young people easily believe in shortcut stories, then they try, they fail. After failing that is after experiencing by themselves, the one who understands that there is no shortcut for success is special and for him the chances are bright to become what an individual can aspire for.

4)No room for smart work.

Sometimes life only wants a young body to do hard work as in the process they later might get a opportunity to do smart work because that’s what a young body is designed for. The one who understands this fact is blessed with inner peace and confidence that his opportunity will come and his decisions would be taken into consideration.

For example: You will see all the old age employees in bank doing ledger and backend work and young male and female interacting/outsourcing work.

(This is how the earth is design so an individual needs to understand this fact)

As Mr. Jack Ma has rightly said,

This is one of my motivation to understand the process of life.

Even if One of you gets impacted and get excited by reading this, I would feel it was worth the writing.

Thank You.

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