Here’s Why Indian Youth Does Not Want To Go Into Politics.

“I want to be a Doctor when I grow up.”

“I want to be an Engineer when I grow up.”

“I want to be a Teacher.”

“I want to be a Business Tycoon.”

“I want to be a Pilot.”

Have you ever wondered, Why is that !?

I truly believe if we had more leaders and role models like Our Beloved President Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam, our society would have been exceptionally better and advanced from what it is already today.

Dr. Kalam, firmly believed in the power of youth and always emphasised on how things will change in Politics, Governance and Indian Economy overall if Youth contributes to it. He strongly believed things will function better and results will be faster and society will be peaceful, merely by encouraging and supporting the Youth for the services where the nation needs them.

IMAGE: ‘Youth power, if properly directed and controlled, could bring about transformational changes in humanity for its progress.’ (Photograph: PTI)

Isn’t it Inspiring!! Also, This makes me wonder Why is Youth Not Aspiring to be in Politics.

So, I have elaborated 5 reasons which I think could be the reasons which influences the Young Indians to stay away from politics.

1. Passive Hobby.

As a general trend, we have seen a person who is interested in Indian politics is someone who don’t have an income or a job because they are uneducated and don’t prefer working under someone. They enter politics, just because it is the only option available out there in the market.

2. Age Gap.

Most probably a youth or an educated being steps away from politics because they see that the people on the upper level with majority is 40 and above.

3. Tentative Future.

As when we talk about a young male/female they are at their age of 20s and they are very futuristic and definitely to be a successful politician you have to sacrifice a lot, including your goals.

4. Fear and Money Involved.

The hottest reason is the fear in Indian politics and the news out there which makes it more terrifying involving fights, debates and the way the media portrays it. A young lad cannot take it altogether, no matter how sharp and bright he is there are only 1 percent who could actually stand up to face all these things and those few people are already into politics. Above that, politicians need money to firstly their campaigns, so talking about a young lad, he is not even settled with the choices in life, so how he can spend on social work and expect nothing in return.

5. Time Consuming.

One might get an opportunity earlier it depends if he is rich and has money to spend and a particular party knows it.

Then, a political party which is untruthful and corrupted gives a seat to the rich guy as a candidate.

So to get an opportunity one needs to start working from young and wait till he is old enough, experienced enough and responsible in whatever party they are representing.

They might get a opportunity, but the question is –

Can he win just with his good deeds ?

Indian Politics- “Jo Samjha, Woh Jeeta”

(He Who Understand it, Wins It All ! )


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