5 Skills Future Entrepreneurs should develop in their 20s.

Most of the people on completion of graduation, think about joining a company of their dreams or some to join companies who can pay them high.

After that they understand that they can even run a business by themselves or some have a ultimate plan to do so.

Being in their 20s most of the start up ideas turn out to be flop, because they come to know the gist of it but they forget to develop the required skills to be one.

This article is all about skills needed to be develop in their 20s to be flawless and reach the level what they have aimed for:

1)Field time. (Basic)

One who wants to own his own company, needs to taste the field jobs where he or she can interact with strangers with particular objective in mind, eg. to make the deal, get the sale done, etc.

This also takes away their stage fear. Also helps in developing good communication skills.

So he/she needs to be courages enough to pick a job which caters in that field or area of improvement.


Being young entrepreneur, lot of people or clients might doubt the capability of an individual. So one needs to achieve certain or smaller glory in the field he is planning to explore, so that this moment of doubt is not even a topic of consideration.

3)No comfort zone.

Lot of young entrepreneurs have a wrong assumptions that a business means an office with an AC all around and a laptop with a cup of coffee. “It’s not that simple” sometimes when u enter in the process of implementation you quit because u come to know u have not done the proper analysis and research. Therefore, have the right mindset and research well before taking steps in your life.

4)Strong purpose.

A purpose is never making money, if it is one- you have highly misinterpreted the start up idea from step 1. It needs to be a long term idea and the purpose needs to be the one which brings a change to the economy or society.

5)Winner’s mindset.

A entrepreneur need not be dynamic, expressive, smart and rich. But even if he has a great idea which he has worked on with a winners mindset he will be successful even though his initial start up idea fails.

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