Before a father, he’s a human!

  My personal feeling is expressed in this article with regards to things I felt was wrong on my dad’s end. But by time it changed. The title is enough to give a hint on the article but let’s stretch the context of it. I am 25 years old working professional, holding a management degree with […]

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9 Tips for Increasing Sales.

People think in order to be in sales, a person should be ‘Persuasive’ and that’s all a salesperson should be. I have heard many people saying, ‘You are incredible at persuading people, you are made for sales, you will rock it.” Persuasion is one the of quality salesperson should possess, but not the only one […]

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9 Powerful Quotes & Thoughts.

Everyone needs a dose of motivation to keep going in the direction they desire. Quotes can make you happy, inspire you, tell you a life secret effortlessly, and gives you some food for thought.Below are mentioned my all time top 9 favourite quotes and thoughts, some said by Leaders, Influencers, Peacemakers, CEOs, and also includes […]

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